4 ways to empower children over the festive season

Life is always so busy this time of year, with shopping bags full of stocking fillers, outfits for parties and Christmas concerts every other week, that it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and busyness of it all. Making it easy to forget that our little people have to join us in this and the excitement alone is exhausting enough.

We can all get so lost in this that the younger generation can lose themselves and their focus.

I’m sure there are many ways in which you empower your child in their every day but here are some of the 4 ways that may help you all through the festive season.

1. Your Elves!

In all the jobs that we set ourselves to do, and all those that creep up on us. Give some of these jobs to the children in your family. Let them create a sense of achievement in helping you whilst relieving yourself of a job, and giving them some ownership over Christmas.

How about you let your child choose a present for their sibling, wrap Grandmas present or help decorate with homemade paper chains.

2. Read or write a little every day

School can get very busy at this time of year with concerts and crafts in school alone. When the children go back to school in January we want them to feel rested but also sure of themselves and their learning capabilities.

As a teacher I often notice children feeling unfocused after holidays, so focus on the schooling you know your child is confident with and do a little of this every day in the norm of your routine so that your child feels ready and able after their well-deserved break.

Write that letter to Father Christmas; write him a thank you card along with other relatives who have given presents, count those sprouts on your plate!

3. Patience

With what seems like a shower of plastic paraphernalia and a stock room worth of paper and boxes to create you a new multi-coloured decorated carpet. Let’s teach these lovely little people some patience and calm in this excitement. It’s all so easy to get lost in this and for stress levels to rise.

In this over-stimulating time of year lets all take time to sit with one gift, be it a jigsaw or the latest toy and learn to play it calmly and quietly.

4. Be together

Christmas day is such a busy day, with one of you watching the oven and the other hunting the house for that gift you put in a safe place! Don’t forget to take some time out and make sure that you spend an hour or two playing your favourite family game or a walk in your local park, together. Whether that’s two of you or twenty of you. Enjoy your time together and show your children how.


All of us at Pekary School of Dance and Level Up are passionate about empowering children all year round, working with ages of 18 months and beyond, whilst encompassing all abilities.

If you would like to know how we can support your child please see the below website for more details.


See you all soon xxx

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