Where are your New Year’s resolutions?

With the end of January 2020 just hours away, it can become all too easy for any New Year’s resolutions that seemed so exciting and achievable, to now feel daunting and impossible.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1f94So what happens to most New Years resolutions?

  • They get given up on
  • Discarded
  • Saved for next January
  • Forgotten!

I for one am guilty of forgetting a few New Years resolutions once I get back into the swing of busy life!

According to inc.com, ‘approximately 80 percent who make New Years resolutions have dropped them by the second week in February’.

However many have been given up before this.

New Years resolutions are just like ‘goals’ that we all make throughout the year. So why do we make them only to let them go? Any time of the year?

For many, myself included, it can be hard to fit these new goals into your already busy schedule, especially if it’s a large goal that might include you to ask your family to make changes too.

If they aren’t on board, you can find yourself fighting a hard battle that can feel impossible to achieve on your own.

Isn’t it easier just to give up rather than argue with your family and create more problems? (this is what I told myself anyway)

So if we are letting our New Year’s resolutions or goals go, are they as important to us as we first thought?

Any goals, self improvement or the like that we want to make for ourselves or our families is positive, and we shouldn’t lose sight of this.

So is our lack of positivity our answer to its fall down?

Over my years as a coach I have seen many people address their goals with negative language such as ‘I want to stop this’ or ‘I mustn’t eat this’.

So the language always starts negatively.


What could possibly happen if we changed our language and started talking positively towards ourselves and our resolutions/goals?

Would this be enough to achieve them?

For some it is yes, but for such large goals, whats even more important is whether or not you develop habits that allow you to reach that goal.

That may look like

  • Changing your weekly food shopping habits so that your health goals feel more achievable with only good foods in the fridge.
  • Or to start practicing gratitude every day, so to lift your spirits and focus your mind on the positive.
  • Or perhaps to work on you before working on your family and the changes you want there.

Even with this in mind though, for many creating the healthy habits for themselves and their families can seem an overwhelming feet, creating even more work for themselves.

It doesn’t have to be like this.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1fbd

Working with a healthy habit coach can change this.

Working with a coach means that you get the 121 support, for you and your family.

  • You may want nutritional meals around the table.
  • To learn as a busy mum to have some down time in your day SELF CARE XXX
  • Support in lifestyle changes that can have an impact on home life sometimes affecting behaviours and routines.

With nearly 20 years experience working as a nanny, working closely with families. My knowledge and expertise has grown to support families to live the lifestyle they long for.

If you would like to find out how you can make this new year/decade work for you and your family then please click the link in the ad to book your free 30 min call to talk to me and discuss your healthy habits.

Hannah xxx

Loving Being You


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